Stage Gated Execution Model

We have developed a Project Execution Model (PEM) for LQ projects. The main intention with the PEM is to ensure a consistent development of activities with inter-discipline dependencies. The strict structure of the model and the check points related to defined gates and milestones assists the projects to execute and complete activities effectively in time and with the expected quality. The foundation of the methodology is 30 years of experience with LQ projects.


The project phases are standardized and the project management team has to verify the status of the project and perform a risk analysis prior to passing each gate. The status of the project is verified by completing a checklist, pre-defined for each specific phase, clearly describing expectations that shall be met before proceeding to the next phase. The Emtunga Steering Committee then reviews the completed checklist.

The approval to pass a gate and proceed to the next phase shall be signed by the Project Manager and the members of the Steering Committee after reviewing the checklist and the agreed action plan for outstanding activities/outputs, if any.

The engineering and design process is standardized according to a milestone model with all activities, inputs and outputs defined, measured and reported in a project specific database. Actual status is monitored continuously throughout the project.

In addition, all documents included in the Emtunga management system such as roles & responsibilities, procedures, plans, schedules, checklists and cost breakdown structure (CBS) are clearly identified and tagged to a specific phase.