Production Line Concept

All fabrication and outfitting work is performed according to project HSE and QA/QC requirement. These requirements are based on Emtungas and the fabrication and assembly sub-contractor’s existing systems aligned with the CLIENT´s requirement. Module section fabrication and outfitting is performed in accordance with Emtungas modular production line principle.

The module section fabrication is divided into the following main activities:

1. Structural

  • Welding
  • Surface Treatment

2. Outfitting

  • Architectural
  • HVAC
  • Piping
  • EIT

Each batch of module sections is given a time slot in the fabrication schedule, similar to a standard line production schedule.

The welding sequence for a module section is as follow;

  • Pre-fabrication of corner columns, top and bottom deck sections.
  • Bottom deck plates and columns are erected and tack welded.
  • Top deck is erected.
  • Completion of module section welding and installation of windows, fire penetrations, drains, and miscellaneous supports for other disciplines.

All welding activities to be carried-out in accordance with project specific document “Welding Book” - aligned with CLIENT requirements.

Prior to release of a module section for painting, a dimensional survey against pre-defined tolerances, is carried out and documented.

Surface Treatment
Once approved, the welded module section is transported from the weld shop to the blasting and painting shop. 

All painting activities to be carried-out in accordance with the project specific document “Surface Treatment Procedure”, based on CLIENT requirements.

Once the module section has undergone surface treatment and protection and passed the quality inspection, the section is transported from the paint shop to the outfitting shop. The outfitting activities are generally carried-out in the following order, including example of items to be installed:

  • Architectural 1 (Insulation, wall panels, and fixed furniture)
  • Installation of wet units (for cabin related modules)
  • HVAC (including ducts and dampers)
  • Piping
  • EIT
  • Architectural 2 (ceiling panels)

Activities for installation of specific equipment, such as galley, laundry and wet units are started directly after completion of items in Architectural 1 above.

Each module section shall be weighted twice prior to final module assembly. Once when a module section is fully welded and painted and once when the outfitting is completed.