Stressed Skin Modular Concept

The Emtunga way of construction is based on the stressed skin concept. The fabrication and assembly as such could be described as stacking boxes, side-by-side or on top of each other, which are welded to each other. Our modular stressed skin concept has several advantages:

1 - It is light and strong. The modular sections connect to each other and form a strong structure in all dimensions. The completed module frameworks form a rigid selfsupporting unit, strong enough to withstand lifting forces and heavy blast loads. Our sophisticated calculation methods enable us to optimize the dimensions of both profiles and plates, thus providing the lightest construction possible based on the load criteria from client and, of course, current regulations.

2 - the fabrication logistics are simplified. With all modular sections fully outfitted on the workshop floor, lots of time is saved in logistics. All material and equipment is easily lifted inside and installed in each modular sections, and each modular sections is pretested and weighed before final assembly.

3 - the method enables us to start up fabrication in any sequence. For example, the top level of a living quarters could be started up long before final design of the bottom level is completed.

4 - transportation across the world is simplified. The modular sections can be transported by ordinary ships and trucks and hooked up to complete quarters or modules at yards, sites or directly onboard the offshore installation.