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Apply Emtunga AB is (together with our parent company Apply Leirvik AS) a World Wide Supplier of Living Quarters and Helidecks for the offshore industry with offices in Sweden, Norway, USA and Singapore. Production units are located in Sweden and Norway.


Apply Emtunga AB operate from two locations in Sweden with sales and FEED engineering offices in Houston - Texas and Singapore. Temporary project offices are located in Baku – Azerbajjan and St Johns – Canada. All locations in Sweden and Norway can accommodate CLIENT Representatives (offices, secretarial services, photocopying, telephone, fax, car parking etc).

Emtunga (Vara - Sweden)
Our Emtunga facility is purpose-built for the production of modular sections with an assembly line type of logistical set-up.

Fabrication, Workshops, Storage And Office Areas


Apply Emtunga Vara Office

Arendal (Goteborg - Sweden)
Our Arendal facility is purpose built for modular production of very large offshore units. It was originally built to accommodate shipbuilding.

We lease the facilities from Volvo and have a 16,200 sq m module assembly hall which includes several 200 and one 150 ton overhead cranes plus 500 sq m office, changing rooms, lunch rooms and storage areas, car parking etc.

  • Maximum load-out size is(L x W x H): 70 x 29 x 31.5 m
  • Maximum load-out weight: 4,000 tonnes

The Arendal Production Facility

The Arendal Production Facility

Gårda (Goteborg - Sweden)
Our Gårda office is, together with our office in Emtunga, the hub of our Engineering, Procurement, Production, MC/Commissioning and Management operations. We are housed in two floors with a total of 820 sqm office space.

The building was inaugurated in February 2011 and has a Platinum Environmental Certification according to the international LEED System.

The Gårda office is less than a 20 minute drive from our Arendal facility and about one hour’s drive from our Emtunga facility.

The Gårda office