Gullfaks A Module M 31

182001124534PMm31CLIENT: Statoil AS, Norway

OPERATOR: Statoil AS, Norway

YEAR OF COMPLETION AND DURATION: Contract award December 1987. Delivered June 1988.

The overall module dimensions 16.0 x 7.0 x 13.0 m, three levels. Total weight 95 tonnes.

SCOPE OF WORK: Design, procurement, fabrication, commissioning and installation of the module.

MODULE DATA: The module consists of a large number of offices and conference rooms. All utility systems such as electrical, fire & gas, instrumentation, HVAC and piping were installed and tested at Emtunga´s site prior to delivery.
Aluminium of offshore grade was used for all structural beams, decks and bulkheads.

FIRE RATING: All external decks and bulkheads were designed for blast pressure and H-120 fire rating.
The roof was also designed for dropped-object load.


TYPE OF CONTRACT: Lumpsum EPCI contract