Chirag - Field Development

30200141203PMchiragCLIENT: AIOC (Azerbaijan International Operating Company)


Contract award April 1996. The module assembly and commissioning were completed at a yard in Baku in May 1997. Most of the work in Baku was performed by local labour under Emtunga«s supervision. The module was shipped as one single lift unit from Baku to its final location in the Caspian Sea.

SIZE AND WEIGHT: The overall module dimensions 28.0 x 14.5 x 14.0 m, four levels. Total area 1400 m2. Total weight incl helideck 580 tonnes.

SCOPE OF WORK: Design, procurement, fabrication and commissioning of the Living Quarter module and helideck.

MODULE DATA: The Living Quarter module consists of 55 double cabins, galley with stores, recreation area, cinema, sickbay, heli-guard and necessary utility rooms. Due to transportation limitation the Living Quarter module was divided into several smaller units, so-called ?mini modules?. In Baku the mini modules were welded together and all remaining internal utilities ? piping, electrical instrumentation, fire & gas, HVAC and fire fighting system ? were completed and tested.

FIRE RATING: All external decks and bulkheads were A-60 rated except for the bulkhead facing the process area where H-120 insulation was provided.

REGULATIONS: DOE, DOT, S.I. (UK Statutory Instruments)

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Risk and reward type of contract with a fixed target final cost.


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