Captain - Field Development

182001124626PMcaptainCLIENT: UiE Scotland

OPERATOR: Texaco North Sea UK Ltd

YEAR OF COMPLETION AND DURATION: Contract award December 1994. Delivered March 1996 to UiE Scotland Limited.

SIZE AND WEIGHT: The overall module dimensions 34.0 x 12.0 x 13.0 m, four levels.
Total area 1320 m2. Total weight incl helideck 525 tonnes.

SCOPE OF WORK: Design, procurement, fabrication and commissioning of the living quarter module and helideck.

MODULE DATA: The Living Quarters module consists of 38 double cabins, galley with stores, recreation area, sickbay, heli-guard shelter and necessary utility rooms.
The module was fully fitted with all necessary piping, electrical, instrumentation, fire & gas, HVAC and fire fighting system.
Tested at Emtunga´s Arendal site and shipped together with helideck as one single lift unit.

HELIDECK: The helideck was designed for a Westland EH101 in accordance with CAP 437 and all other relevant UK statutory requirements.
The helideck and its substructure were in aluminium.

FIRE RATING: All external decks and bulkheads were A-60 rated.

REGULATIONS: DOE, DOT, S.I. (UK Statutory Instruments)

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Lumpsum EPC contract


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