Asgard B - Development

30200135055PMasgardCLIENT: Kvaerner Oil
& Gas A S

OPERATOR: Statoil AS, Norway

Contract award September 1997. Delivered in April 1999 to Kvaerner yard in Stavanger, Norway.

SIZE AND WEIGHT: The overall module dimensions 77.0 x 19.2 x 12.0 m, three levels.Total area 3300 m2. Total weight incl helideck 1700 tonnes.

SCOPE OF WORK: Design, procurement, fabrication and commissioning of the Living Quarter module and helideck.

ODULE DATA: The module consists of 120 single cabins (80 cabins located in the hull), galley with pantries, recreation area, Central Control Room (CCR), workshops, laboratories, offices, necessary utility rooms, sickbay and heli-guard shelter. The module was fully fitted with all necessary piping, electrical, instrumentation, fire & gas, HVAC and fire fighting system. Tested at Emtunga«s Arendal site.

HELIDECK: The helideck was designed for a Westland EH101 in accordance with Norwegian CAA regulations and all other relevant statuary requirements.
Its substructure was in aluminium. The helideck was fitted with a Pop Spray System (PSS) in addition to the standard form monitors.

FIRE RATING: All external decks and bulkheads were either H-60 or A-60. The module was designed for a blast pressure of 0.8 bar.

REGULATIONS: NPD, NORSOK and relevant Statoil specifications

TYPE OF CONTRACT: EPCI contract with a max target sum.


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