1945 - Emtunga
Bertil Gustavsson founded Emtunga in 1945. In the early days he supplied local farmers with equipment such as pressure vessels and tanks. The first living quarter module was delivered to a North Sea oil rig in 1974. After Gustavsson's retirement in 1976 his two sons managed the business and turned its activities towards the oil and gas industry. Between 1976 and 1984 all activities were focused on this sector. To decrease its dependency on the volatile oil and gas industry Emtunga decided to enter into the expanding telecom sector and delivered the first telecom modules 1983 to Ericsson. In 1986 Emtunga delivered its first pharmaceutical modules for Pharmadule.

Fig.1 One of the first products from Emtunga Mekaniska Verkstad AB 1945.
Fig.2 One of the latest deliveries from Emtunga International AB 2001.

1974 - Leirvik Module Technology
Leirvik Module Technology is formed in 1974 and started delivering living quarter modules to offshore platforms. During the 1980's Leirvik MT developed a design concept for aluminium living quarters.

1986 - Pharmadule
In 1986 Clas Wallenborg founded Pharmadule AB. Wallenborg had earlier worked with pharmaceutical plants constructed the traditional way with concrete and bricks. He discovered that the modular construction used in the offshore industry would solve the pharmaceutical industry's traditional problems of cost overruns, delivery delays and technical problems. Since 1986 close to 50 plants have been delivered to more than 25 countries around the world. The first order from a multinational company was received in 1989.

Fig 3. The first Pharmaceutical project delivered by Pharmadule AB 1986.
Fig 4. The latest delivery to USA consisting of more than 80 modules.

2001 - Pharmadule Emtunga AB
In July 2001 Pharmadule AB officially merged with Emtunga International AB. The merger completed the two companies long-term relationship. Emtunga had been Pharmadule's exclusive manufacturer of modular pharmaceutical plants and the companies had operated extremely close during a period of fifteen years.

2007 - Pharmadule AB + Emtunga Offshore AB
As of September 1st, 2007, Pharmadule Emtunga AB established its two operating divisions into two separate companies: Pharmadule AB and Emtunga Offshore AB. This was the final step in the restructuring program aimed in focusing on each business, customer's needs and industry possibility. A focus of competencies, knowledge and total resources was necessary in order to shorten decision time and to be able to optimize each business depending on customer needs.

2008 - Emtunga Offshore AB applied for bankruptcy
As a result of the company's largest customer – MPF Corp. Ltd – had become insolvent and not being able to fulfil its commitments to Emtunga Offshore, amounting to approximately SEK 100 M, the board of directors of Emtunga Offshore AB decided to apply for bankruptcy. It was also the result of the global financial crisis that has led to a weaker market climate and delayed projects.

2009 - LEIRVIK Emtunga LQ AB
In early 2009 a new company is formed in LEIRVIK Emtunga LQ AB which is a 100% owned Daughter Company of LEIRVIK MT AS, Stord, Norway. The new LEIRVIK Emtunga company purchases all of Emtunga Offshore AB's intellectual property rights, archives, data-bases and work procedures from the receiver in charge of Emtunga Offshore's bankruptcy. The dividing line between the new company and its Mother Company is quite simple; LEIRVIK Emtunga will fabricate steel living quarters for international customers whilst LEIRVIK MT will continue to focus on aluminium living quarters for the North Sea market.

2009 - Apply Leirvik Emtunga AB
In October 2009 The APPLY group of companies is formed by aligning the strategies of all the HITECH Vision and Köhlergruppen partly and wholly owned legal entities under Apply ASA, Stavanger, Norway. As a result of this LEIRVIK Emtunga LQ AB changes its name to Apply Leirvik Emtunga AB.

2011 - Apply Emtunga AB
In April 2011 the company applied for and was granted a change of name. This change had been initiated by our ultimate parent company, APPLY, in order to streamline the group membership identity.