Company Introduction

Emtunga Solutions AB is the world-leading supplier of advanced steel modular facilities to the Oil & Gas industry. We have developed the modular section concept in an innovative way and introduced it in several industrial segments.

With our extensive and long term modular know-how we offer the following:

  • Short time to market
  • High delivery precision
  • Flexible solutions
  • Structurally strong and low weight design
  • Competitively priced products
  • ...while maintaining high HSE and quality standards

With a rational indoor fabrication process, advanced Living Quarter facilities are fabricated with considerably shorter lead-times compared to conventional construction. Installed equipment and utilities are tested in full-scale prior to delivery and are finally commissioned at client's site. We offer a fixed price and guaranteed delivery time. Our modular concept makes complex industrial fabrication more predictable and reduces time-to-market or allows you to defer your investment decision.

Our industrial know-how, project management and engineering skills and manufacturing know-how reach back as far as three decades. We can therefore closely monitor your project implementation process, secure the delivery time, quality and cost.

BP, Statoil and Shell are amongst the companies that have chosen Emtunga Living Quarters.